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CGM Gunstock Checkering

Clinton G. (Clint) Meier checkering in his former Lee's Summit, MO home workshop - CGM Gunstock Checkering


Other pics of this Martini Cadet can be seen here 


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Welcome to my new web site!  If you need almost any type of general gunstock work done, you have come to the right place!  In addition to new checkering, I offer a variety of other gunstock  services.  The following pages provide me with the opportunity to show you some examples of my work.  If you enjoy firearms, I am sure you'll enjoy exploring my site.  You may not have any particular project in mind right now, but sooner, or later, you will!   Please keep me in mind.


Feel free to contact me regarding any question that you might have about a project that you have in mind.

Clint Meier

103 N. Van Buren Rd.

Lone Jack, MO 64070



CGM Gunstock Checkering - UPDATE, Jan 2020:  My wife and I moved to a much smaller town this last Fall, and my Lee's Summit workshop has been closed since October, 2019.  I am having a totally new workshop addition built from scratch which should be completed and operational sometime in April or May of 2020.

Scroll down through some examples of the various types of work I do, with links to many, many more additional projects.  Each category of project is it’s own ‘collection’, and each ‘collection’ has many ‘albums’ of individual projects that make it up. The number of hours all projects took to complete are listed near the end of the text for each project. My hourly labor rate is still just $25/hr. (Jan, 2020)