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Rem. 870 Checkering Removal

The owner of this older Remington 870 had broken the forearm whilst hunting, after owning it for many years.  He promptly returned the butt to Remington so they could select a replacement forearm with similar grain for as close a match as possible to his butt stock.  His butt stock had conventional cut checkering, but Remington no longer had any forearms with cut checkering, so what they sent him was one with that gawd-awful impressed checkering.  He put up with this mis-match for several years, and finally couldn't stand it any longer.  He sent the wood to me for evaluation. While I could have converted the impressed checkering to cut checkering and refreshed the checkering on the butt stock to match, together we determined that it would take about the same amount of time to completely strip off the original finish and sand away all of the checkering.  The client decided on that route.

I scraped off the original poly-plastic finish, sanded and fuzzed wood from 80 grit to 400 grit, keeping all lines as straight and sharp as I could.  The client wanted to apply the finish himself.  The raw wood is shown here wetted with mineral spirits to show off the very fancy grain.  The total time spent on this checkering removal project was just a shade over 9 hours.