Custom Stocks

   The stock and forearm for the DeHaas Miller were crafted from full walnut blanks supplied by the client.  He had a few ideas of what he wanted but left a lot up to me to design him a unique custom rifle stock.

    He wanted an "S" shaped grip face, an unfluted comb....

     ....and a long slim forearm with a schnabel tip, similar to a Winchester High Wall.  This one could not taper as much as the Winchester due to a long forearm hanger being attached to the front of the action beneath the barrel.

    He also wanted ebony wedges inset into the "S" grip face and the schnabel forend tip....

    ....And a heavy steel crescent buttplate.  The other design elements were of my choosing.

   The long crescent buttplate was shortened to a flat tip which begged for a steel toe plate to be added.  This allowed the belly of the stock to be flattened all the way up to the back of the grip face in traditional muzzel loader fashion.

    An open diamond was left surrounding the single forend screw.  The client wanted a lot of checkering coverage on the forearm, so a multi-point pattern was designed to compliment the overall lines of the rifle.  My bench log shows 83 hours were devoted to this stock project.