Custom Stocks

S&W Custom Grips

   These grips were made for a woman who is nearly 6' tall, a concert pianist and instructor, as well as a competitive PPC shooter.  She has very long graceful fingers on larger than normal hands.  As a matter of fact, when gauging the size of her hands next to mine, we put our two hands palm to palm, even at the heels.  My finger tips came to just half way up the length of her fingers.

    This lady required grips with a lot of front to back depth.  Her husband applied a big blob of "bondo" to a set of throw-away grips.  As the "bondo" set up, she gripped them with a waxed hand and sculpted them to her liking.  From this "mold" dimensions were taken with which to shape her finished grips.

    An in-the-wood oil finish was sanded-in to a velvet luster, and two panels of checkering aided in providing a decorative non-slip grip.

    To insure that the lines of checkering tracked over the seams between the grip halves perfectly, the grips were assembled onto a mock grip frame that could be held in the checkering cradle.  The grip seams were invisible through the checkering.  The cost to produce these grips was based on the 17 hours it took to make them, with the checkering adding significantly to the total.