Custom Stocks

FBW Barreled Action
FBW Buttstock
FBW Forearm

   This action is a diminutive recreation of the Winchester High Wall, being somewhere between one half and two thirds of the original's size.  The customer provided the American black walnut plank that he had harvested, cut and dried for 6 years right here in Missouri. 

    I was asked to design a semi-traditional stock that incorporated the following considerations:  His length of pull with a medium weight coat on, drop at comb and heel for use with a scope set in high rings so he could safely get to the hammer, and a little cast-off and toe-out of the crescent shaped cast metal butt plate that he wanted to use.

    After a few more questions had been answered, I had my ammunition.  I designed a stock with a slight "perch belly", an "S" shaped grip face, a cheekpiece that would flow into a fluted comb and a slim Winchester style forearm with a "Schabel" style forend tip into which an ebony wedge was to be inlaid.

    The barreled action was inletted into the band sawn wood blank.  Epoxy bedding material was used for full wood to metal contact in the barrel channel and at the action surfaces.  Note the inletting of the buttstock for the metal cresent butt plate to eliminate the hollow cavity normally found and provide full contact with a thin epoxy skin to seal the wood.

    I do not use epoxy bedding compounds to make up for poor inletting; on the contrary, my inletting is quite good.  I prefer to use it so that it can completely seal the wood to metal contact surfaces so that the wood will not eventually become soft, dark and rotten due to gun oil soaking into it.  I believe it also strengthens the wood and keeps it more dimensionally stable.  I epoxy everything that I can, for my own peace of mind.  I don't want it visible from the outside, and neither should you, but I do want it there on the inside, where it counts!

    The wood was shaped, sanded, epoxy sealed inside and out, oil finished to a satin luster and then checkered with a traditional looking point pattern.  Labor tipped the scales at 56 hours bench logged in this case.

    The customer tells me that on crisp autumn days, if he does his part, squirrels fall routinely with a single head shot.