Semi-Custom Stocks

   Yes, I can generally be talked into doing those parts of your project that you may not be comfortable doing on your own.  The owner of this stock had done the inletting, glass bedding and most of the shaping to final contours himself, doing a very fine job BTW.  He had a really nice stick of wood (Claro) and didn't want to screw it up, knowing that finishing and checkering were not his strong suits.  I only reshaped the LH side of the upper grip adjacent to the rear tang to make it symmetrical with the opposite bolt side.

I finished up the stock in my usual manner, checkered the wood in a 20 lpi (remember that it's Claro),  pattern of my own choosing, opting for a wrap-around forearm using large bold points with a lot of coverage.

  The shadowline (beaded) cheek piece came well forward into the grip area, so the grip panel border on the LH side was cut to allow for it's incursion, with the opposite side otherwise being a mirror image of this side.  My contribution to this project took about 31 hours to complete.