Semi-Custom Stocks

   The client supplied his own semi-inletted California English Walnut stock set for this trim little beauty.  It is always a such pleasure to work on really good quality beautiful wood.

No, the picture has not been reversed, the wood was machined for a left handed user.

  The forearm was left full and well rounded , for a good feel in the hand.  The forearm hanger was glass bedded to the forearm and the barrel was free floated.  According to the owner, who wanted a lot of 22 lpi checkering coverage, it shoots every bit as good as it looks!

   Bold simple point patterns are hard to beat, and always seem to do just about any fine gun justice.  The addition of a skeleton steel grip cap and checkering of the grip face definitely added a touch of class as well.


The wrap-around forearm pattern was designed keeping the two forearm screw escutcheons well in mind.  The inletted sling swivel bases are another classy treatment.  This project took just under 54 hours to complete.