Semi-Custom Stocks

The client supplied a very handsome semi-inletted and profiled Claro stock for me to fit to his Weatherby action sporting a newly fluted 7mm Rem. Mag. barrel.  He wanted all of the usual things done to it, inletting and glass bedding of the action, bottom metal and 3" of the barrel, installation of 3 internal magnum cross bolts, two ebony plugs positioned at the action's front recoil lug, inletted swivel bases, fitting a recoil pad, shaping and dry sanding and fuzzing (raising or whiskering the grain, if you will) of the grain up through 600 grit. The client wanted to apply his own hand rubbed finish and then return it to me for checkering.

Boy, did he ever put a finish on that wood!  He told me he applied about 50 coats of oil to that stock, and how it shines!  He had his own ideas about how he thought the checkering should look.  He wanted both grip panels to be symmetrical, with wings and reminiscent of lightening bolts.  He wanted a rounded top border cut all the way around each panel.  Note the accommodation of the checkering panel to the forward lower line of the cheek piece.

   The client wanted a grip cap unlike most others.  He  specified a thin slice of ebony be glued to the grip face first, then topped with a thicker piece of fancy grained walnut, which was domed slightly.  This made for a very attractive accent to the grip.

   The forearm was cut as a wrap-around panel, using the same lightening bolt motif and round topped border treatment as the grips.  Some of you may look at the forward end of the forearm panel and wonder why that one line heading up toward the barrel channel is curved, rather than being straight.  The reason is so it would reflect the curved lines at the back side of the grip panels, none of which are straight either.  The first part of this project, up through the final dry sanding, consumed almost 41 hours of my time.  The second part, the checkering, took just under 20 hours.