Semi-Custom Stocks

This great older Mod. 70 was deserving of a new stock in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Africa with it's owner.  The wood is Bastogne Walnut, very hard and dense.  The stock follows an American Classic style, but with a forward sloping comb, an open grip, steel grip cap, ebony fore end tip and inletted sling swivel bases.

A shadowline, or beaded, cheek piece was sculpted from the rough contours of the machined blank and the comb was deeply fluted.  The grip cap was placed as far back as the machine shaped blank would allow and it's grip face angle was adjusted so it's plane points directly to the heel of the stock.

   The forearm was left on the full side, so there would be plenty to hang on to, with a generous amount of checkering coverage.  The action, bottom metal and 3" of the barrel were fully glass bedded, and incorporated several hardened internal magnum cross bolts with ebony plugs adorning the outside of the stock, highlighting the location of those in the two most common positions.

   The wrap-around forearm panel incorporated an open diamond surrounding the barrel boss screw and escutcheon as a design element.  Actually, rifles with these barrel boss screws often don't shoot well, so on this one, I inletted the escutcheon, shortened the screw and glassed it in place, and free floated all but 3" of the barrel and the boss.  It shoots very well ,indeed!  Mullered borders were added for that "Express Rifle" look it richly deserved.

Two modest grip panels with mullered borders finish off this good looking and good shooting project, logging a total of just over 65 hours to complete.