Project Rifle......

......showcased in the October 2000 Issue!

   This .222 Remington is the result of the collaboration of many talented folks, only a few of which will be mentioned here.   The Peregrine 033 action was made by Roger Johnson's Peregrine Sporting Arms, originally in Silverthorne, Colorado.  The chambering and exterior barrel work was done by David Sullivan of Westwind Rifles in Erie, Colorado.  The fancy American Black Walnut blanks were machined by Ed Shulin of Shulin Stock Works in Trinidad, Colorado.  Ed used patterns that I originally made from scratch to facilitate earlier Peregrine 033 stocking projects.  The stock building was done to dimensions requested by David Sullivan.

    The buttstock is shaped with a gently sloping straight comb, no cheekpiece, a "classic" pistol grip, sculpted side panels behind the action and a deeply fluted comb.  It is fitted with a checkered steel buttplate and a metal grip cap.  Checkering is cut at 22 lpi in a point pattern.

   The wide flat bottomed forearm has deep finger grooves along it's entire length.  It has a wide multipointed checkering pattern designed to cover most of the bottom and well up the sides of the forearm.

   This top view shows the buttstock's thick comb, slender grip and flaired side panels.  My bench log shows 53 hours were devoted to this stock making project.

    The first picture, at the top of the page, and those following were kindly supplied by David Sullivan.  They were taken after an electro-stainless steel finish had been applied to the metal and the rifle was fully assembled, ready to ship.


   Note David's fluting of the 1/2 octagon 1/2 round barrel where the flats meet and the "wedding band" transition from octagon to round.