Semi-Custom Stocks

Machined Blank
Winchester Ranger Grip
Winchester Ranger Forearm
Winchester Ranger Inletting


     A customer wanted to restock a Winchester Ranger using a 35 year old Bastogne Walnut blank.  I shipped the wood to Ed Shulin in Trinidad, CO for machining into a semi inletted stock blank.  The returned work is shown in the top photo.

    Ed's patterns can allow for an extra deep butt, which can be worked up into either a Classic or Monte Carlo style stock.  Their generous proportions also allow for regulation of drop at comb and heel, pitch, length of pull and cast-off/on to a much greater extent than other semi-inletted blanks that are already almost to exact shape.

    This stock was completed in the Classic style and sported a shadow line (or beaded) cheekpiece, a metal pistol grip cap and a rubber butt pad.  The finish was brought up to a satin luster oil over an epoxy sealer.   Checkering was cut 20 lpi in a borderless point pattern with wrap-around grip and forearm panels.

    A side note regarding the inletting on this stock.  The customer did not want any synthetic bedding material used.  Just a good traditional wood to metal fit.  I did what I call "strain free" inletting, which allows action contact only in the areas of the front receiver ring, recoil lug and the rear tang.  The bottom photo shows the inletting black contact points.  The entire barrel channel and magazine areas of the action are free-floating.  My bench log reflects 47 hours of work needed to complete this project.