Semi-Custom Stocks

Ruger #1 (full view)
Ruger #1 (close-up)

   This attractive wood was completely inletted to the barreled action when it came to me to finish up.  The steel butt plate and grip cap were already fitted and the sling swivel bases were set flush into the wood.

    I had to do a considerable amount of reshaping on the buttstock and forearm to generate the sling swivel base islands that the customer wanted from a stock pattern that did not originally allow for them.  A shadow line was cut around the cheekpiece.  Sanding and finishing to a satin luster prepared the wood for this elaborate 24 lpi checkering pattern, copied from another of the owner's rifles, that took over 1000 minutes alone to complete.  The time I spent working on this project logged in at 24 hours.