Semi-Custom Stocks

Pair of Winchester Model 61's

   Semi-custom stocks are those that I make working from semi-inletted blanks.  I refer to them as semi-custom because I must work within the machined pattern that I am provided with.  Still, quite a number of features can generally be incorporated to make your stock a one-of-a-kind.   A list of options that are available can be found in my downloadable "Gunstock Worksheet Doc.", located at the top of my "Labor Guide" section.

    Prices can vary a lot depending on what is requested.  Click on the following thumbnails to view a broad range of possibilities.

Winchester 61's Link Low Wall Link Ruger #1 Link
Details of the two
Winchester Model
61's Pictured above.
A new stock and
forearm made for a
Winchester Low Wall.
Fancy wood and
checkering adorn
a Ruger #1.
Winchester Link 98 Mauser Link e2f1-b_small.jpg (1588 bytes)
A customer wanted
a fancy stock made for
a Winchester Ranger.
A fancy piece of
California English
graces a 98 Mauser.
Peregrine 033 in
.222 Remington
Winchester Mod. 70 in .375 H&H. Weatherby Mark IV a`la carte Project Browning 1885 Low Wall
A`la carte Mauser

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