Stock Restoration and Repairs

This great old SxS was in pretty sad shape when I received it.  Two large wood screws, one down through the top of the grip and another through the front of the grip, along with a generous length of electrical tape were holding the butt stock together.

Once the tape and screws were removed, the butt stock was found to be completely broken in two.  All the wood was treated for oil soak and the original finish was removed.  The butt stock was first glued back together, then it was reinforced with three long drywall screws.  The first (2-1/2") was placed under the trigger guard and went up into the comb of the stock.  The second (3") was placed in the grip face just below the end of the trigger guard and countersunk, where another shorter screw had originally been, and the countersink was filled with an English Walnut plug.  The third screw (3") was placed under the grip cap and went up into the belly of the stock, drilled at an angle and countersunk, so that the grip cap could still be installed with it's original screw.


The wood was sanded, an epoxy sealer was applied and an oil finish was wet-sanded in to fill the grain. Meanwhile, all of the metal parts were run through an ultrasonic cleaner and came out squeaky clean.


The checkering was recut in the original pattern and an epoxy sealer was again applied to the entire stock.


The final top coats of finishing and conditioning oil were then applied.  The total time logged in at the bench was just under 25 hours for this very worthwhile restoration project.