Stock Restoration and Repairs

This stock set was in sad shape when I received it.  Dual-screw swivels bases had been attached to both the butt stock and forearm, so 4 holes had to be plugged.  There were two cracks in the inletting of the butt stock that needed to be repaired.  There were numerous dings, dents and scrapes, not all of which could be removed without significantly changing the contours of the stock.  The grip checkering was well worn and the forearm had been checkered with a large diamond shaped panel that was about 8 lines wide and uncheckered in the center.  The only diamonds in the checkering pattern was where all the lines crossed at the 4 points of the large diamond, with only the 8 lines in between. It was also lop-sided front to back to boot with the mid points up near the barrel channel at the forearm's center each being off center about 1/2" in opposite directions.  Some of the checkering was cut so deep, the surface was actually hollow in that area.

To make a long story short, 4 walnut plugs had to be lathe-turned to fit the swivel base screw holes, the wood was stripped, butt stock cracks repaired,  low areas of the forearm were built up with glass bedding dyed to be similar to the wood, sanded, refinished with aniline dyes added to the finish for that orange/red look and recheckered with the grip in it's original pattern and the forearm diamond converted to a solid symmetrical diamond.  The checkering was treated with a thinned epoxy finish to make it as tough and durable as I know how.  Hopefully it will last for many generations yet to come.  This restoration project took about 22 hours.