Stock Restoration and Repairs

The stock of this fine old Purdey back action locked double was badly broken at the wrist, all in pieces, and was expertly resurrected by the Fultons at Stockfixrs.  My job was to rechecker the original pattern on the forearm and buttstock from what was still visible on the wood after having been repaired.

While disassembling the gun to work on the wood, I noticed that the metal work was in very sad shape, with years of dirt, oil and grime on all the internal parts.  I ran everything through my ultrasonic cleaner and then lubricated it, which took about 90 minutes.  When it was finished, all the parts once again showed Purdey's typical fine internal finish.


This close-up of the checkering shows the mullered borders.  You may also notice that the checkering on the forearm looks coarser than that on the grip panels.  This shotgun curiously enough was originally checkered 18 lpi on the forearm and 22 lpi on the butt stock.  I wasn't asked to change them to match, so didn't.  The soft lighting used makes the diamonds appear not to be sharp, but rather rounded.  Let me assure you that the diamonds are indeed sharp!


The very fine engraving on this piece was superb, and I just wish that the soft lighting had done it justice.  I did a little more in the way of restoration on this piece than I usually do, but it was within my means.   The forearm wedge was slotted for a capture screw which had been lost at some point in time.  It had originally been installed from the barrel side of the forearm and went down through the wood and into the wedge slot.  I made and installed a new forearm wedge capture screw to keep that wedge from getting lost too.  The other small item I attended to was to replace a missing forearm iron screw, one that went straight into the end of the forend.  The head of the screw needed to be cupped slightly to clear the hinge pin.  The total time spent on this project was just under a very enjoyable 16 hours.