Stock Restoration and Repairs

   Stockfixrs sent this project to me after having plied their trade on it.  The butt stock had been broken through the wrist and the forearm was in three pieces.  After being painstakingly pieced together, this is what I started my work from.  As is normally the case, most of the checkering is gone, with only border lines to serve as my guide.  I did mange find a few internet pics that proved useful in this case.

This is how the forend turned out, with it's original wrap-around bold point pattern, cut 22 lpi with flat topped double line borders. What a gem!

The butt stock once again sports it's original wrap-around-under grip pattern.  What beautiful wood, and to think that it might have just been thrown away.  It's a good feeling to help pull a Phoenix out of the fire.  This recheckering project took a little over 16 hours.  The client was very, very pleased with the outcome.