Stock Restoration and Repairs

   Stockfixrs did a superb job of piecing this old Parker back together, which had been badly broken through the wrist.  This is what I received from them to start my work on.  Most of the grip checkering was gone, with only hints of lines here and there.  The only lines visible on the forearm were between the metal end piece at the tip of the forearm and the latch.  There was enough checkering left for me to measure that it had originally been cut 20 lpi.

In looking through all my reference books, I could not find any photos of what the forearm pattern on a GH grade gun looked like.  The client and a friend of his both e-mailed photos that I was able to work from.  All of the border lines had been originally mullered, so that is what I recreated.

The owner was very pleased with this end result, and thanks to Stockfixrs, another fine old firearm was pulled from the ashes to be enjoyed for generations yet to come.  Chalk up a little over 16 hours for this checkering project.