Stock Restoration and Repairs

   This Win. '94 was badly broken through the grip area of the stock.  The repair and refinishing did away with a lot of the original checkering, and this is representative of what I had to start with on the grip area.

The forearm was in even worse shape, having even less of the original checkering visible to go by after careful refinishing.  Only hints of some of the original lines existed here and there.

After referring to several reference sources to make sure of what the original pattern had looked like, I recut the 20 lpi checkering and borders, 2 grip panels and a wrap-around forearm panel.  This checkering was treated with an epoxy finish to make it hard and durable.  The client told me that it looked so good, he was now seriously contemplating having all the metal refinished too, having the action Color Case Hardened and the other parts rust blued.  This checkering project took right at 12 hours to complete.