Stock Restoration and Repairs

    This is one of the most unique arms I have ever worked on, a scaled down side by side in two diminutive chamberings, the very uncommon 32 gauge shotgun and the very common .22 lr.  Leave it to the Germans, what a great handling little rifle/shotgun.  This was a real treat to work on.  The metal was in very good shape, but the stock was a little rough, with two cracks in and a missing chip of wood from the forearm, and various dings and scrapes on the butt stock.  My client wasn't at all smitten with the "ox blood" red color of the wood either, he wanted it peanut butter brown, like European Walnut is supposed to be.

    I thought I would include a photo of the insides for any of you who might be interested.  Just look at those strong robust parts, and how much of their original Color Case Hardening they have retained.

These last two photos show how this project turned out after stripping the original finish and stain, making the needed repairs, applying an epoxy sealer, wet sanding-in an oil finish to fill the pores, recutting the 1mm pitch checkering (about 25-26 lpi) and applying a few top coats of hand rubbed oil for what I call a soft satin luster finish.  My total time spent on this project was 28 hours.