Stock Restoration and Repairs

    This L. C. had a really bad dent in the top line of the stock, extending from about 3/4" to 1-1/4" from the heel, the wood fibers of which were too torn to raise up by steaming (I tried that).  To cut down the top line of the stock, tapering from nothing at the comb to about 1/2" at the heel was one solution, but his would increase the drop at heel dimension, making it even more than it already was,  increase the felt recoil and shorten the butt end top to bottom.  Instead, the stock was cut down just enough to get rid of the dent, sanded flat and a new spacer and recoil pad of appropriate thickness were fitted to bring the lop to 14" to meet the clients needs.

    Before recheckering the stock in it's original 16 lpi patterns with borders, two cracks that had developed in the forearm needed to be repaired and the two screw holes for securing the forearm iron had stripped out and needed to be plugged and redrilled.  The total time spent on this project was right at 12-1/2 hours, plus the cost of the fittings.