Stock Restoration and Repairs

Arrizabalaga 12 ga. S x S

    The stock of this Spanish Arrizabalaga double couldn't take the pounding of heavy duck loads.  It split in two after 16 or 18 rounds.

    The broken stock was glued back together.  A small wooden block was glued to the checkering pattern on each side of the grip to enable drilling holes center-to-center for steel pins that had to pass through the upper tang mortices and into the grip area without coming out through the sides of the stock.

The buttstock and forearm were both refinished and recheckered.

   The wood ended up being a lot fancier than was first evident through the factory finish.

    The gun pleased the owner, who said he wouldn't put stiff loads in it again.  A little over 16 hours were bench logged on this fine little double.