Stock Restoration and Repairs

Remington Rolling Block .44-100

   The owner of this Remington Rolling Block .44-100 felt that the stock needed some well deserved attention.  The buttstock had two cracks in the grip area and the forearm had a crack in the barrel channel going to the left side.  The comb had a bad dent in it and the wood was so dark from oil soak that no grain was visible.  An ebony wedge that had been originally inlaid into the "S" shaped grip face had fallen out and was lost.   The checkering was worn smooth.

    What remained of the original finish was removed and the wood was treated to remove as much of the soaked in oil as possible.  The cracks in the wood were repaired and the comb dent raised.  A new ebony wedge was made and fitted into the grip face.  The wood was refinished to a velvet luster and the grip recheckered in the original pattern.  It took 10 hours to accomplish this project.