New Checkering

A client sent me this fine looking custom stock for a drop magazine express rifle to checker.  He said it was kind of hard to keep ahold of when it went "Bang" without any checkering.  (Evidently the caliber it's in is quite a heavy thumper.)  Since it was Claro Walnut, we decided not to try and go any finer than 20 lpi, because most Claro won't hold finer checkering than that very well.  Yes, you can ask me about that later if you want to.

The grip received generous full panels with mullered borders, fore and aft.

The forearm got a full wrap-around panel, again using bold simple points and mullered borders, fore and aft.   

These are two views of grip panels not often seen in most rifle stock photographs.  They just show how the underside can be treated, and that a small over-grip panel was added between the two main grip panels.  You'd be surprised at just how much more secure that small patch of extra checkering can make the gun feel in your hand.  My bench log shows just a shade over 19 hours were needed to complete this task.