New Checkering

A client that I had done some checkering work for 20 years ago found me on the net and contacted me asking if I would checker a custom stock set that he had made quite some time back.  He sent this gorgeous stock set, and told me to do whatever I thought would look good, with the only constraints being that he wanted the checkering cut 20 lpi, with 2 grip panels and something on the forearm that would not look too busy with the barrel wedge key inlays.  Hmmmmm...............  Oh, one other thing, he didn't want me to go over 12-1/2 hours!

I used bold points and straight lines to define the grip panels.  You may wonder why that one border line was cut with only a single, and not a double line, like all of the others.  A look at the forearm design will answer that question.

I used double and single line borders in the same pattern as a design element, something to tie the grip panels and forearm panel together.  I do this whenever I can.  The client wanted a simple forearm pattern, but I thought this could be made into a real showpiece  It was a bit tricky getting the border lines to surround the barrel wedge key inlays evenly.  This project logged just under 14 hours, and pleased the client so much that he never even mentioned the extra 1-1/2 hours.