New Checkering

This stock is for an African Express Rifle that was built by a company in N.C. that specializes in precision long range target and varmint rifles.  They don't do any checkering, and shipped it to me with instructions and a budget to stay within.  My original time estimate put it at 18 hours to complete.  The client had specified two separate grip panels and  would like mullered borders if they could be added and still stay within their budget.

The forearm panel was to be a wrap-around design with large bold points.  The entire 22 lpi checkering job was completed with single line "borderless" panels first.  I checked to see how much time I had invested thus far, and then cut in the mullered borders last.  The total time logged for this checkeing project was 16 hours.  Note that no finish was applied to the checkering at the request of the client, he was going to apply his own formula.