New Checkering

This splendid example of fine craftsmanship was done entirely by the client, except for the checkering.  He supplied detailed sketches of exactly what he wanted his checkering to look like.

Again, the use of bold simple points is hard to beat!  Add mullered borders fore and aft on the grip panels and you have a very clean piece of work.  Note the gracefully sculpted contours of the grip area, cheek piece and flutes!

The grip panels were cut to wrap-around continuously over the top of the grip, forming one large panel of checkering.  Any time this is done, the orientation of the diamonds always point steeply down into the grip panel, rather than straighter back into the grip panel.  This can be easily seen in the previous photo.

   The forearm was left on the "full" side for good reason on this heavy thumper, and ample checkering coverage was provided in a good positive 20 lpi tooth for excellent gripability.

The wrap-around forearm panel was tastefully designed with bold simple points, truly complimenting the other characteristics of this fine Express Rifle stock.  This project was completed after 13.8 hours was devoted to it.