Stock Refinishing and Recheckering

The owner of this Sharps replica wanted it refinished and recheckered keeping the original factory checkering patterns.  He also wanted a set of ebony grip inserts made to fit in the hollow metal pistol grip frame that had come with the rifle.

The wood was stripped, dry sanded to 240x grit, epoxy sealed, wet-sanded to 600x grit, the 20 lpi checkering was recut and then several top coats of hand rubbed oil were applied.  The ebony grip inserts were finished in the same manner, then checkered 28 lpi.  The total time to complete this project was just over 29 hours, with about 6 hours devoted to recutting the 20 lpi grip and forearm factory checkering, and almost 13 hours to making and checkering the ebony grip inserts.