Stock Refinishing and Recheckering

This nice little double was made in Eibar, Spain, and although the metal work was in excellent shape when my client bought it, the wood needed a little TLC.  The wood was first stripped and sanded, then refinished using my own method of applying an epoxy sealer, wet-sanding in an oil finish to fill the pores, recutting the 24 lpi checkering and then last applying several hand rubbed oil top coats.

The grip checkering was a wrap-around under pattern that extended to clear back behind the long straight trigger guard.  The two long rear-most lines of the grip panels that meet on the stock's belly are actually the pattern's master lines.  The forearm had a generous amount of checkering coverage and two open diamonds to checker around, all finished off with double lined borders fore and aft and single line borders along the sides of the panels.  In looking over my bench log on this project, the refinishing took 10 hours by itself, and the recheckering took another 15 hours.