Stock Refinishing and Recheckering

This stock was resurrected and refinished by the owner.  Note the unique wood butt plate!  He ask me to rechecker it following the original pattern, photos of which he was kind enough to supply.

This was pretty coarse checkering, but afforded an excellent grip.  The diamonds adjacent to the forearm latch were not fully pointed-up on purpose.  If they had been, the sides of the latch could be seen at the ends of the grooves that terminate at the edge of the metal, and the latch would appear to stand proud of the wood. One solution is to taper the grooves, going to full depth after moving a couple of diamonds away from the metal.  Since this wood was fairly soft, the diamonds were finished with a thinned epoxy, which should make then stand up very well to normal wear and tear.  This project took 10.4 hours to complete.